This absenteeism policy model can help you manage absence periods and give you insight into how to implement or improve your employee business visit policies. Can also be called A Waiter Management Policy, Absenteeism Policy, Tardiness Policy. If you manage employees, you are responsible for monitoring their presence. If you find that a team member is constantly late or absent, hold a private meeting to discuss it. Ask your team member if he or she has problems with his schedule or if he needs help reconciling his personal life with work. Flexible hours, work from home or time management training options can offer a solution. If you see a potential mental health problem that leads to absenteeism or slowness, ask your team member to contact our [mental health professional] and discuss what you can do to help them. Workers who have fewer than [three incidents] of absenteeism or slowness in one year will receive one additional paid day off for the following year. You have a good attendance record if you: being systematically absent or absent can cause problems for your colleagues, who have to cope with your work. This behaviour can lead to a record «bad visit» and you may have to go through progressive discipline.

This letter serves as a written warning that if excessive sick leave continues to be used, you will receive a medical certification requirement. They may also get a poorer assessment of their performance assessment in the area of participation. We hope that this letter, which will be included in your personal file, will encourage you to improve your sick leave. As I noted at our meeting of the – your prolonged absence is a serious concern. Despite our joint efforts, you have not been able to achieve a good level of participation. Our staff management policy describes our expectations for the work of our employees. Punctuality at work helps to maintain efficiency in the workplace. This was a warning letter for your persistent presence problems. Your uneven presence begins to affect other parts of your work, making the improvements even more important. Presence data indicate that you have used opportunities for the weekends. This directive applies to all unpaid employees, regardless of their position or type of employment.