In Ireland, apprenticeship training is divided into two main categories: «crafts» and «new.» [22] The main craft professions have been designated by SOLAS and fall within the scope of the legal learning system organized by SOLAS in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Skills, employers and trade unions. [22] There is also a learning board. An apprenticeship position provides workplace training with an employer. [22] It generally alternates between out-of-company training in a training centre and in-house training in the workplace of an employer. Training usually lasts 4 years, during which time there are 3 different periods of out-of-company training. [22] This training phase takes place in a training centre for education and training (ETB), while the subsequent phases of out-of-company training take place in a technology institute. [22] After ongoing examinations following a professional examination and modular examinations and examinations in the workplace, the apprentice successfully obtains an advanced certificate in the field of crafts (Level 6 of the National Certification Framework). [22] Starting in 2016, new apprenticeships have been introduced in other sectors of the industry, which may result in a distinction between levels 5 and 10 of the national certification framework. Each apprenticeship program lasts between 2 and 4 years. Sector groups working with education and training providers and other partners are leading the development and introduction of new learning positions. New apprenticeships in ICT, finance and hospitality and catering include software development, accounting technicians and Commission heads. [22] [23] The Pakistani government has recently begun a reform of the existing apprenticeship system through the takeover of the National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC). The strengths of the modern learning system are: in India, the Apprenticeship Act was passed in 1961.

[19] It regulates the apprenticeship training program in the industry to match programs, training period, etc.