(2) Until the completion of the work under this contract and until all instalments paid under the contract have been liquidated, the contractor – 8) must pay any remuneration, in one form or another, to its key directors, executives or employees, who are higher than the national rates for which the administration has been informed; accumulate excessive remuneration without first obtaining an agreement that it submits to all of the government`s claims; or employing someone with a rate of pay of more than one year; (i) Payment by cheques payable to the U.S. Treasurer, only signed by the counterparty, in whole or in part on the special account, and apply the amounts to reduce unpaid advances and all other government claims against the contractor. (7) All information provided by the contractor to the administration in connection with each advance request is accurate and correct. To liquidate the principal amount of instalments paid to the contractor, a deduction of – for all payments made by the government under the contracts in question is applied. 4. No provision in this clause is contrary to the authority under which the contractor operates or to the provision of a withdrawal or agreement of the holder. (e) maximum payment. In addition to the sum of unsurnified advances, unpaid interest charges and other payments – a percentage of the contract price, the government is sticking to new payments to the contractor. After the contract is concluded or terminated, the government deducts from the contractor all unpaid advances and interest charges payable. If pre-contract payments exceed the amount owed, the surplus is paid to the government upon request.

For the purposes of this paragraph, the contract price is considered to be the stated price of the contract of «minus any subsequent reduction in prices under the contract, plus (1) any price increase resulting from the terms of this price redefinition or escalation contract, and (2) any other price increase that does not exceed the total amount of 10% of the amount indicated in this paragraph]. All payments withheld under this paragraph are used to reduce unsealed advances. Once the full liquidation has been completed, the payments are resumed as part of the contract. p) alliances. To the extent that the government deems it necessary, as long as all instalments made under this contract are pending, the contractor does not have (a) payment obligations without the prior written consent of the administration. Advances are made in accordance with this contract (1) upon presentation of invoices or duly authenticated vouchers by the holder and approved by the Verwaltungsstelle_______ [insert the name of the agency designated as part of the Agency`s procedure] or (2) in the form of a credit. The amount of the invoice filed or proof, plus all previously approved instalments, cannot exceed the number of previously approved payments. When a credit is used, the contractor must withdraw cash only if necessary for acceptable payments under this contract, and must be paid and paid in cash, in accordance with the administration`s request.