Related time and place of delivery clauses should have consequences if the vessel is not delivered on time, or the right to cancel or liability for the damage. These clauses relate to the buyer`s right to cancel a deal if it turns out to be a total loss before delivery. The corresponding clauses generally examine how and when there will be quantification and pricing of cargo hold, spare parts and other equipment for the delivery of ships, and whether these items will be included in the price or paid separately. The purchase and sale agreement with ship brokerage firms in Norway or elsewhere also contains other usual provisions to answer the following questions: here is a checklist of the main commercial and legal issues that must be dealt with when preparing a contract to purchase ships. This is to ensure that the contract contains the seller`s delivery items, such as certificates and other documents necessary for the registration used by the buyer. The contract should contain clauses to provide them as a condition for payment of the purchase price. This would help the buyer not to hunt down the seller after concluding the agreement on the specific paper necessary to conclude the registration of the vessel on behalf of the buyer. These provisions relate to the various circumstances that require the buyer for dry treatment or inspection of divers, which bears the costs of these inspections, which may be based on the results of the inspection, as well as insurance and compensation related to claims during dry treatment. Clauses may also include the buyer`s right to inspect the aft shaft or other elements of the vessel during dry licking.

These clauses are very different and vary considerably depending on the circumstances. Therefore, if the buyer is satisfied with the condition of the vessel, the contract may include the clause that the sale is complete and final upon execution and that there is no right to control. However, in the case of larger or classified vessels equipped with special equipment, the purchaser has the right to check the vessel and its class statements and, if dissatisfied with the condition of the vessel, may terminate the contract and receive the deposit paid or request a price adjustment. If the contract includes the inspection, the scope of the inspection must be set and should also include a timetable for the inspection, otherwise the consequences should be mentioned, as well as the distribution of inspection costs and insurance and compensation for inspectors` claims. High-speed vessels for sale and purchase present many legal and practical challenges. However, careful planning and execution could help address many of these challenges. Do not hesitate to delay negotiations on what you think is important and therefore make the necessary revision of the agreement. For each deposit, the agreement must include the agreed amount and the conditions under which it is considered null and void. The email address cannot be subscribed. Please, do it again. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy rules and terms of use apply. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletter, including our terms of use and privacy rules.