The internship confidentiality agreement is an agreement between an intern and a sponsor that clearly defines the confidentiality of the information to which the trainee will be exposed and allows the sponsor to protect the information from competing companies. Many interns will have little or no experience in this area and may need an explanation of the risks of disclosing confidential information to the public. Although the intern most likely does not have access to extremely sensitive information, it is considered prudent to ensure that all databases are covered and that they sign the confidentiality agreement before their launch date. Once the internship is complete, all confidential information must be returned to the sponsor. 9.1. The parties agree that Danish courts have exclusive jurisdiction over internship disputes. The parties agree that INSERT NAME OF COURT is, at first instance, exclusively competent for litigation and that the rules of Danish law apply. They also recognize that (1) training in the field of study is similar and improves the teaching of studies in higher education institutions; (2) The internship is to your advantage to obtain training and tutoring, and to offer valuable experience in job selection, application and future performance in the field of study; 3. You agree to work in the company under the careful supervision of the tutors; 4. Unless otherwise stated, trainees are not entitled to employment at the end of the internship period; (5) You are not entitled to salaries or other allowances, except for your experience and apprenticeship, for time spent as an intern for the company; and (6) You agree that the internship does not create a «work relationship» within the meaning of the Fair Labor Standards Act («FLSA») or any other definition, and that the FLSA rules on minimum wage and overtime do not apply. Step 5 – The intern must print out his name, date the form and sign it in the corresponding line to conclude the confidentiality agreement. Type of internship: By signing below, you acknowledge that you have agreed to participate in this unpaid internship.

Note that if you receive a credit from your school for participating in an internship, we will be happy to work with you to meet all the requirements to get credits. 4.1. The internship is linked to an educational and therefore unpaid purpose. 8.2. Any breach of the obligation of confidentiality and loyalty is considered a substantial violation of the terms of the internship and may therefore lead to the immediate termination of the internship (dismissal).